How to chose CBD Gummies?

  • We want everyone who buys our products to have peace of mind that’s why all our products have been made from a FDA registered food facility.
  • Reefined CBD plant-based items don’t contain any additives or chemicals at all while ensuring they’re grown under optimal conditions within Colorado’s borders.
  • Lab reports (COA) are a go-to. You’ll be able to find all the information about potency, cannabinoids and test for pesticides, molds or heavy metals. A lab-report will give you peace of mind to know what exactly you are putting in your buddy.
  • Most CBD gummies will contain over four ingredients. So take a look at the ingredients. Make sure all there are high quality organic ingredients.



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Daniel Garcia

Daniel Garcia


Reefined CBD believes in the power of cannabis not only to heal, but also empower. We design our products with this core principle and hope you’ll join us on o